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Fabulous Joyride by Hillary White
$11 Tees / $13 Tanks for 24 hours only at The Yetee

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I’m starting a new thing: for $50, I’ll draw any person you want, be they real or fake, as long as they are moderately famous and/or universally recognizable. The catch is, I’ll only draw them once. So if you’d like a 5” x 7” drawing of Salman Rushdie or Steve Zissou, you have to be the first or that’s it. Full details here, where you can also buy one! All moneys will help me pay bills, which I’m way behind on. Thanks! 



Maria Pin Up Ladies Tee now at ThinkGeek


For people who like dogs on Tuesdays.
Another sketch for Saturday’s premiere. #doctorwho #claraoswald #clara #bbc

Tribute to Alexey by Jimiyo
US $10 @RiptApparel
Pin-up for Illustrated Girl, a recently funded Kickstarter comic. Read the comic now at Comixology. It’s awesome. #illustratedgirl #independentcomics @sugarhipslebeau

I was privileged to be asked to contribute a pin-up to an awesome comic that recently got funded at Kickstarter! You should check it out! Girl is available at Comixology too!

No sleep ‘til Endor!
Licensed to Rebel is available at My Main Man Pat all week. (18-24th August 2014)
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Gearing up for this weekend! #doctorwho #twelfthdoctor #petercapaldi #bbc

ET and Baby Groot
This could totally happen.

“Groot Beer” is today’s tee on going live in just 15 minutes!

Get this great design now for the super price of £8/€10/$12 for 24 hours only. 

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